bye everyone

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*dude point a gun at me*

me: what u gon do, shoot me

*dude shoot me*

me: why u shoot me for

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Memorize this fucking image and then think about how you’re treating us in land that was originally ours 

pinches gringos calling us illegals BYE

Seriously !!

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I’m pretty sure you are all familiar with this phenomena. 

The question I had was, why does this happen? Why do we have these thoughts?

After looking around I found something interesting in psychology called intrusive thoughts. It’s when people have these obscene horrific thoughts ranging from murder to sexual violence. Of course, most just push them away from the corners of their mind. This sounds exactly like the Call of the Void phenomena. 

They are associated with a range of disorders from OCD to severe anxiety. I know perfectly normal people can have them once in a while, but if it becomes too much to the point of obsession, you may have a problem. 

No one knows why we have these thoughts (I didn’t get to answer my own question )’: ), but if you have a theory you are welcome to make a post on it and tag “sixpenceee”.

More information on Intrusive Thoughts

(if you follow my instagram you’d know my bf made these delicious chocolate chip vanilla ice cream waffles for me, but anyway while he was making them his face was so close to the extremely hot, oiled up waffle frying pan, I thought “wow one push and his face is gone”.

Ofcourse I care about him and what not and I’d never do something like that EVER, it’s just these thoughts just HAPPEN. I told him about it later that day and he told me that one day when we were walking down a sidewalk next to a highway, he thought how easy it would be to just push me into the highway. I promise we are in a really healthy and loving relationship. but that’s the events that inspired me to make this post today.) 

One time my sister was doing dishes and she dropped a spoon down the garbage disposal. as she reached her hand down into the disposal i just thought of turning it on. How easy it would be to click the switch and she would lose her hand. It was so weird, as i have a great relationship with my sister and i could never hurt her- but that thought just popped into my head. 


I have a problem.

the absolute worse is when thoughts of sexual violence come in. freaks me out everytime like is that me?

Humans are animals.

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*cracks neck* my time has come

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California cops are pulling people over See all the surprised reactions here.

The only time they’ll pull over white people 

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"he’s 24 months old" bitch your son is two

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